IRS to increase visits to high-income taxpayers

February 19, 2020

The Internal Revenue Service announced today that it will increase efforts to visit high-income taxpayers who have failed to file one or more tax returns in a timely fashion in prior years.

Due to the recent and ongoing hiring of additional enforcement personnel, IRS revenue officers will increase face-to-face visits to taxpayers earning in excess of $100,000 per year who have neglected to file tax returns in 2018 or prior years.

“Taxpayers having delinquent filing or payment obligations should consult a competent tax advisor before waiting to be contacted by an IRS revenue officer,” said Paul Mamo, Director of Collection, Operations, Small Business/Self Employed Division of the IRS. “It is always worthwhile to take advantage of various methods of getting back into filing or payment compliance before being personally contacted by the IRS.”

Contact one of our tax professionals if you may fall into this category of high-income, non-filers.

Read the entire release from the IRS for more information.