Our Guarantees

For more than 45 years, Fiscal Tax has valued offering our customers the very best income tax preparation services in Central Indiana.

1. We Guarantee Coverage

With every tax return we prepare. If we make an error on your tax return, we pay the penalties and interest. Big brands don’t offer this because, with their online filing, you still must prepare your own taxes. At Fiscal Tax, we prepare for you!

2. We Guarantee Accuracy

We guarantee 100% mathematical accuracy with every return we prepare.

3. We Guarantee to Save Your Money

We will provide you a guaranteed maximum refund at the time we prepare your taxes.

4. Year-Round Support

At Fiscal Tax Company, our experienced staff of friendly tax professionals is dedicated to providing you the highest quality tax preparation services while getting you all the tax credits and deductions you deserve.

As part of our standard tax services, we will gladly provide a price estimate in advance of preparing your return without further obligation. Our team will also check your prior years’ tax returns to see if you received all the tax breaks to which you were entitled at no cost or obligation.

5. FREE Audit Assistance

If you are audited, we’ll review it, explain it, as well as recommend how to respond.


Please visit one of our Indianapolis & Central Indiana locations or call us at (317) 897-9964 for the location nearest you.

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