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Serving Central Indiana since 1976

Fiscal Tax Company was founded in 1976 by Hoosier John Striewe, and has grown to be the second largest tax preparation company in Central Indiana with several locations open during tax season.

Fiscal Tax Company has consistently been a forerunner in the tax preparation industry year after year. Fiscal was first in Central Indiana to offer computerized tax filing services in 1983.

Our main office at 9465 E Washington St in Indianapolis, IN is open year-round to provide tax services, copies of your tax returns, and audit assistance.

The Fiscal Tax Guarantees

If there are two things you should know about Fiscal Tax Company, it’s that we guarantee accuracy with every tax return we prepare, and we guarantee to save you money compared to national chains.

Our team of expert tax preparation professionals will work to ensure your tax returns are accurate. If they’re not, we will pay any resulting penalties and interest.

If you are audited, we’ll explain your IRS tax audit notice to you as well as the documentation you should provide to the auditor.

We understand that you’re trying to save money. We guarantee our preparation fees will be at least $50 less than national chains.

We look forward to providing you the best possible tax preparation services at the lowest price, guaranteed!

Please call us today at (317) 897-9964 for more information.

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