Are You a TurboTax® User or Do-It-Yourself Filer?

Let Fiscal Tax Co. electronically file your tax returns for the same price you would pay TurboTax or other online services.

Since you don’t pay online services like TurboTax until they file your tax return, just use their software to calculate your taxes and bring us the results.

  • We’ll provide a FREE tax expert review of your return to make sure you’re getting all the deductions and credits to which you are entitled.
  • With Fiscal Tax you also get FREE unlimited, live tax advice year-round.

There are a variety of ways you can get us the results and tax documents you used to calculate your refund. It’s Easy:

Our primary goal for over 44 years has been to provide our clients with the best tax service available at prices that make sense. Unlike other tax preparation services, at Fiscal Tax you also get unlimited, year-round live expert tax advice absolutely FREE.


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