Frequently Asked Questions

Do I/we need to wait until returns can be filed with the IRS to have them prepared?

No. You do not need to wait to have your taxes prepared. We can prepare returns NOW! Then we will file your return(s) electronically as soon as the IRS will allow. Having your return(s) prepared early will allow you to avoid the rush at filing time.

Do I/we need to wait until W-2s arrive before coming in?

We can calculate your refund using your final pay check stub(s). Then your return will be ready for us to file with the IRS as soon as we get your W-2(s).

Do I/we need an appointment or do you take walk-ins?

The choice is yours. If you would like to avoid a possible wait time, appointments are recommended. Refer to our Locations page for an office near you, including many Marsh and Kroger stores.

Can I/we get an Xpress Refund Advance Loan this year?

You may qualify for an XPRESS TAX REFUND ADVANCE LOAN up to $6,000. That’s up from a maximum of $2,500 from last year. Give us a call at (317) 897-9964 for more details.

How soon can I/we get a refund from the IRS?

You can get your refund as soon as IRS releases the money – usually in 8 to 21 days after they are filed. Your Indiana refund is typically available in 7 to 21 days.

What kind of Identity Theft issues has the IRS experienced? How will they know a return is legitimate?

These were typically returns that were filed by identity thieves who acquired personal information from other sources i.e.: medical offices, fraudulent tax preparers, death records, etc. The returns were usually filed online with the refunds being directly deposited into bank accounts or debit cards controlled by the thieves. One advantage with using Fiscal Tax is that we have been preparing tax returns for 43 years and have had a good relationship with the IRS. Unless you have been a victim of identity theft in the past, and have had your return flagged by the IRS, the only delay in getting your refund will be the mandatory delay for returns with Earned Income Credit or Child Credit.

What does it cost to have Fiscal Tax prepare tax returns?

We are proud to say our fees are guaranteed to be at least $50 less than the national chains (H&R Block, Jackson Hewitt, Instant Tax, and Liberty Tax). That applies to either this years’ quote or last years’ actual fee including bank charges, if applicable.

Fiscal Tax will prepare your 1040 EZ Federal tax return FREE.

How does the Fiscal Tax low price guarantee work?

If you paid less than $150 to a national tax preparation company last year, just bring in your receipt. We guarantee that our fees will be at least $50 less than the national chains.

Where is the office located?

We have multiple locations. Refer to our Locations page for the office nearest you, including many in Kroger stores.

Do I/we have to pay when you prepare my/our return(s)?

There is no cost to sit down with one of our tax preparation experts. If you choose to pick up your check at our office, have your refund deposited directly into your bank account, have your refund loaded onto a Debit Card, or take advantage of our XPRESS REFUND ADVANCE LOAN, our fees will be deducted from your refund. Otherwise you will need to pay the preparation fee before we file your return. We will be happy to tell you the fees up front before we prepare your return.

How do I/we get my/our money back?

We have many options from which to choose. You can pick up your IRS and Indiana refund checks at our office; have the funds deposited directly into your bank account; or have them loaded onto a Debit Card. If you choose one of these, our tax preparation fees will be deducted from your refund so you don’t need to pay upfront. Or you can pay the preparation fees when we file your return(s) and have your refund check(s).

Can you do tax returns for states other than Indiana?

Yes, we can prepare tax returns for all states.

Can you do amended returns?

Yes. We’re happy to file an amended return for you by appointment.

Where is my Federal refund check?

You can call the IRS tax information line at 800-829-4477, or use this link to find out the status of your tax refund.

I’m concerned about Identity Theft. Is my personal information safe?

Yes. At Fiscal Tax, we use secure software and electronically file your return(s) directly to the IRS and State.

Did you find the answers you were seeking? If not, feel free to call us at (317) 897-9964.

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