Actual Intelligence You Can Trust

There’s a lot of hype today in the tax industry about using AI with taxpayers.

Fiscal Tax began using AI back in 1976 but we call it
Actual Intelligence.

Our personal tax advisors, with more than 20 years of experience, stay up-to-date on the Federal and State tax laws year round. They work directly with their clients to assure that each one receives their MAXIMUM REFUND.

There are many ways to work with your own Personal Tax Advisor. Chose the one the fits your lifestyle.

  • VIRTUALLY – Work directly with your Personal Tax Advisor from anywhere – like the coffee shop or your sofa. You can enjoy getting the maximum refund and file online from your smart phone or computer.
  • Drop-Off – Drop your docs at one of our 11 convenient Fiscal Tax offices and go. Your Personal Tax Advisor does the rest.
  • In-Office – Meet one-on-one with your Personal Tax Advisor in their office.

Find out how to work directly with your own Personal Tax Advisor. Just call us at 317-897-9964, or text us at 317-395-3046 to schedule your appointment.

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